Kid’s Xylophone Deluxe

An eight note xylophone is a great way to introduce children to note reading and basic music concepts.  Just using eight notes limits the complexity of the learning activity and makes it more inviting for young children.   When I designed the Kid’s Xylophone Deluxe app I wanted to make it colorful and fun for kids to use.  I also wanted to have a part of the app that would let kids be creative.  With the app kids can compose, record and playback their own songs.  When the app first opens on an iPad a blank treble staff is shown and the title for the composition is My Song.  In this mode children make up melodies and discover combinations and patterns of notes that are pleasing.  The songs can be recorded by hitting the record icon (red dot) and played back by hitting the playback icon (green triangle).


After getting some time to explore, play and make up songs, it’s time to practice playing familiar songs.  By tapping songbook icon at the top left section of the screen, a song appears on the treble staff.  Below, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is shown.  A variety of songs can be selected by continuing to tap the songbook icon.


I hope this app will inspire kids to continue to learn about music.  Music can bring so much joy into a person’s life.  Just about everybody enjoys listening to music, but being able to play and create it is truly a wonderfully rewarding gift.

Kid’s Xylophone Deluxe is available at iTunes for only $1.99.

Visit our website for more information.

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