Geometry AR

When used in a curriculum based application, an Augmented Reality experience really pulls students into the subject matter.  There is a certain ‘magic’ about seeing and manipulating shapes that only you can see.  Geometry AR is an educational enhanced viewer for 2D and 3D geometric objects.  Here’s a screen shot illustrating an ellipse.


Notice the xyz control in the bottom right corner.  This icon causes the 3D shape to start rotating on the selected axis.  This enables the student to view the shape in unlimited orientations.  Students can view the various faces of geometric shapes.  Tapping the center of the icon causes the shape to stop rotating.


Using the slider students can selected a variety of 2D and 3D shapes. Optionally they can tap the dice to get a random selection. Tapping the notebook causes textual information about the shape to be displayed.


If sound is optionally activated the text from the notebook is read aloud to the student.

Geometry AR is available with a volume discount for educational institutions. Geometry AR can be purchased worldwide exclusively through the Apple App Store.  It also available through Apple’s volume purchase program. Schools get a significant discount when purchasing multiple copies of Geometry AR. Contact Apple Education for more information about the volume purchase program.  Please visit Ventura Educational Systems’website for more information about this and other iOS and tvOS apps for education.

Other apps that use Augmented Reality are:

Solar System AR

Molecules AR

Hide and Seek AR

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