Molecules AR

Molecules AR creates an Augmented Reality experience for view atoms and molecules in 3D.  While using the app students can tap icons to display the hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen or oxygen atom.  Protons, neutrons and electrons appear about 1 meter in front of the iPad came and can be experienced by moving forward, backward or around the virtual image.


To learn more about the atomic structure, students can tap the notebook icon to display information about the composition of the selected atom.

At the bottom of the screen there is a slider that allows the student to scroll through a list of atoms and molecules:

hydrogen atom (H)
carbon atom (C)
nitrogen atom (N)
oxygen atom (O)
oxygen molecule (O2 )
nitrogen molecule (N2)
water molecule (H2O)
carbon dioxide molecule (CO2)
ammonia molecule (NH3)
methane (CH4)
ethane (N2H6)
acetylene molecule (C2H2)
hydrogen cyanide (HCN)
ethylene molecule (C2H4)
formaldehyde molecule (CH2O)
nitroxyl molecule (HNO)

Once selected a 3D model of the atom or molecule appears about 1 meter in front of the camera in the augmented reality viewer.  The model can be rotated on its x, y or z axis.  In addition students can walk up to the molecule and view it from different perspectives.


Molecules AR is available with a volume discount for educational institutions. Molecules AR can be purchased worldwide exclusively through the Apple App Store.  It also available through Apple’s volume purchase program. Schools get a significant discount when purchasing multiple copies of Molecules AR. Contact Apple Education for more information about the volume purchase program.  Please visit Ventura Educational Systems’website for more information about this and other iOS and tvOS apps for education.

Other apps that use Augmented Reality are:

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