Pioneers in Math and Science

New apps for iOS and tvOS Devices:

Aristotle • Ancient Greek Philosopher
Rachel Carson – Environmental Scientists
Bonaventura Cavalieri • Mathematician
Nicolaus Copernicus • Astronomer
Marie Curie – Chemist & Physicist
Charles Darwin  • The Science of Evolution
René Descartes • Philosopher • Mathematician
Albert Einstein • Theoretical Physicist
Euclid • The Father of Geometry
Leonhard Euler • Mathematician
Michael Faraday • Chemist & Physicist
Fibonacci • Mathematician
Leonardo Fibonacci • Mathematician
Galileo Galilei • The Father of Modern Science
Carl Gauss • Physicist • Mathematician • Astronomer
Johannes Kepler • Astronomer & Mathematician
Sofia Kovalevskaya • Mathematician
Ada Lovelace • The First Coder
James Maxwell – Physicist • Mathematician
Lise Meitner – Nuclear Physicist
Gregor Mendel • Botanist
Isaac Newton – Mathematician • Physicist • Astronomer
Blaise Pascal – Mathematician • Scientist • Philosopher
Louis Pasteur – • Microbiologist • Chemist
Cecilia Payne – Stellar Astronomer • Astrophysicist
Pythagoras • Mathematician & Philosopher
Ernest Rutherford • Nuclear Physicist

It is reported that Newton once said , “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of Giants”.  The Pioneers in Math and Science series of apps for iOS and tvOS devices explores the lives and contributions of several giants in astronomy, physics, philosophy, biology and mathematics who lived before and after Newton.


In Galileo Galilei • The Father of Modern Science, a timeline feature is used to introduce students to the fascinating life of Galileo.  It discusses his early education and explains that as a young man Galileo’s father moves the family to Florence which at the time was a major center for artistic, literary and scientific studies.


The timeline feature is interactive and students can request more information about any of the highlighted years but tapping the year.  The arrows at either end of the time allow students to scroll through the time period.

Illustrated information screens pop up to help students learn about Galileo’s accomplishments.  Students will find it inspirational that many of the things that fascinated Galileo as a young man became a major focus of his studies and lead to mathematical and scientific breakthroughs for him later in his life.


In Isaac Newton – Mathematician • Physicist • Astronomer, students explore the many Newton’s achievements including those related to the nature of white light.  Newton discovered that sunlight was actually made up of many different colors.  He should this by holding up a prism near a window in his laboratory and projecting a spectrum of colors.


René Descartes • Philosopher • Mathematician presents the work of the man who linked algebra and geometry and laid the foundation for modern mathematics.


Descartes work in philosophy formed the basis for the modern scientific method.  He wrote about his skepticism regarding what he could experience through his senses and encourage people to seek knowledge through reason, mathematics and science.

In Charles Darwin • The Science of Evolution a map of the world is used to show the voyage of exploration of the HMS Beagle.  This five year journey around the world gave Darwin the information he needed to develop his Theory of Evolution.Screen2.png

Each of the apps in this series feature a quiz so that student can demonstrate comprehension of the reading material and other special features such as a speech where the text from the diagrams, quizzes or scrolls can be read aloud to students.


Galileo Galilei • The Father of Modern ScienceIsaac Newton – Mathematician • Physicist • AstronomerRené Descartes • Philosopher • Mathematician and Charles Darwin  • The Science of Evolution and other  apps in this series are available with a volume discount for educational institutions. These apps can be purchased worldwide exclusively through the Apple App Store.  The apps are also available through Apple’s volume purchase program. Schools get a significant discount when purchasing multiple copies of any of these apps. Contact Apple Education for more information about the volume purchase program.  Please visit Ventura Educational Systems’ website for more information about this and other iOS and tvOS apps for education.