Critical Thinking Activities

The development of problem solving skills and critical thinking abilities is currently a high priority in K-12 schools.  Curriculum development experts and experienced teachers who lead inservice programs recognize the need for emphasizing these important areas of learning. Helping students learn how to think and how to learn is perhaps the most important skills that 21st century educators can and do embrace.

Unfortunately in many cases critical thinking activities are overlooked or considered to be something extra to do — something beyond the basics, but many teachers realize that critical thinking skills are basic.  Critical thinking skills are actually a ‘critical’ component of a sound curriculum.

The Critical Thinking Skills app provides 10 different activities that challenge students to use, develop and improve their problem solving and critical thinking abilities.


In the app a column of buttons on the left side of the screen launch the corresponding activity.  Shown above is a sample screen from the Hundreds Chart Patterns activity.  The set of activities include the following:

1. Hundreds Chart Patterns
2. What’s the Rule?
3. Find a Match
4. Cube Patterns
5. Dot Designs
6. Isometric Designs
7. Design Patterns
8. Reflections
9. Sum Patterns
10. Number Line